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Selecting the Best Hot Tub 2 Apr 2012 | 12:32 pm

Your own hot tub? Most people would love to have one, readily available to soak in after a hard day at work. Lucky are those who can afford to have one at home because a hot tub has both mental and ph...

Tools You Will Need In Cleaning Your Hot Tub 25 Mar 2012 | 04:20 am

With a hot tub comes responsibility. It’s not just about fun, you have to clean your hot tub as often as possible for hygienic purposes. Here are some of the commonly used hot tub cleaning tools. 1....

All About Hot Tub Water 21 Mar 2012 | 02:47 am

A majority of hot water tubs incur chemistry problems because of the improper diagnosis with test strips. Some people think that just by dipping them into the water, they will get an accurate prognosi...

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