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John Maeda’s Principles For Creative Leaders - A Series of Explorations 3 Sep 2011 | 04:39 pm

Having known of CreativeMornings for quite some time, I finally made the decision to attend one of their talks and managed to snag a ticket to July’s lecture with John Maeda (assisted by Becky Bermont...

Creative juices pressed with passion. Order yours now... 7 Jan 2011 | 10:47 pm

Creative juices now available direct from the South West Creative Growers Association. Watch the video or find out more on the SWCGA website. Permalink | Leave a comment  »

Genius new digital campaign for Tipp-Ex 3 Sep 2010 | 06:33 pm

This campaign - which takes it's inspiration from Subservient Chicken and Old Spice - allows the user to rewrite the story of a hunter who doesn't want to shoot a bear. Fantastic! There are apparentl...

Ok Go does it again... and again... and again. 22 Jun 2010 | 03:18 am

How to get famous… create a video, post it on YouTube and pray that it goes viral. Ok Go is a band that did just that. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. Their music videos are legendary. On July...

Companhia Athletica Campaign: Change your routine 12 May 2010 | 05:19 pm

DDB Brasil and Companhia Athletica are encouraging sedentary desk jockeys to change their lifestyle with this handcrafted print effort that transforms computer components into athletic movers and shak...

Coke Quest 27 Apr 2010 | 05:47 pm

via vimeo.com The third in a series of ads for Coke in honor of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup. This is a seriously amazing piece of storytelling. Initially set on a field of dust in Africa, far f...

Amazing time-lapse piece by Stefan Werc: Get up and go 27 Apr 2010 | 03:00 pm

via vimeo.com Absolutely beautiful short film featuring time-lapsed stills taken with a Canon 7D. Inspiring, emotive, breathtaking... all the good stuff rolled into a big ball of awesomeness. Nice on...

Coke: The next generation? 23 Apr 2010 | 10:30 pm

I just stumbled across an amazing piece of work by Industrial Design student Andrew Kim. He's designed an amazing new packaging for Coke - doing away with the traditional iconic curvaceous bottle in f...

Etienne de Crecy live at matter London 23 Apr 2010 | 06:44 pm

via youtube.com This is seriously awesome. Permalink | Leave a comment  »

Can you relate? 1 Apr 2010 | 05:19 pm

via frufru.tumblr.com Permalink | Leave a comment  »

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