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Ibex goats defy physics 16 Aug 2013 | 03:34 pm

Piedmont, Italy. Ibex goats seemingly challenge Newton’s laws as they cling to the side of the Cingino Dam. Why? To lick the salt residue and supplement their dietary requirements… obviously. With th...

Hal Lasko – 97 year old pixel painter 6 Aug 2013 | 01:17 pm

Hal Lasko, a.k.a. Grandpa, is not necessarily the kind of person that springs to mind when you think of digital art. Grandpa is 97 years old, he is legally blind, and his program of choice is MS Paint...

Beardyman and the Beardytron 6 Aug 2013 | 12:18 am

Famously talented beatboxer Beardyman has a new toy. He calls it the Beardytron 5000 mkII, and it is one of the most amazing musical instruments ever created, although it’s hardly a musical instrument...

SOCCKET ball freestyling 25 Jul 2013 | 08:51 pm

Amazing skills, yes. But if you watched to 2:27 you might have seen something you really weren’t expecting: this ball generates electricity. Developed by four Harvard undergraduates, the SOCCKET ball ...

Abandoned island: central New York 8 Jul 2013 | 07:24 pm

New York City is one of the most populated places on earth with nearly 8.3 million cramming themselves into the city’s boundaries. But there is a place where the real estate market has never really ta...

Terry Fox 29 Jun 2013 | 11:54 am

Terry Fox was one of the most inspirational human beings the world has ever seen. An active teenager involved in many sports, Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer aged 18 and had to have his right leg a...

Classical paintings on human flesh 25 Jun 2013 | 05:22 pm

Since the 1990s, US artists Chadwick and Spector have been raiding the archives of art museums around the world, discovering hidden art, and exposing it as a painting on human flesh. They then photogr...

Danny MacAskill’s ‘Imaginate’ 21 Jun 2013 | 11:41 am

We can always trust internet trials-riding superstar Danny MacAskill to … View article

Lost Egyptian city 17 Jun 2013 | 08:19 pm

In 2000, a team of of scientists, researchers and Egyptologists … View article

Hill of crosses 3 Jun 2013 | 07:42 pm

Regardless of your thoughts on religion, it takes a stoic … View article

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