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My First Unsecured Credit Card Approval After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge 8 Oct 2012 | 12:53 am

I need to get some car repairs done, so I applied for a Capital One unsecured card and got approved. It's been about 3 months since my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge and now I'm rebuilding my credit.

Can You File Bankruptcy to Discharge Harrowing Tax Debt? 7 Oct 2012 | 01:19 am

Have you ever wondered if you can discharge tax debts in a bankruptcy? The short answer is no, but sometimes exceptions to that rule do exist in the bankruptcy code. Find out how you may be able to di...

Big Drop in Credit Card Accounts and Balances Suggest Increased Bankruptcy Filings Since 2008 23 Sep 2012 | 12:54 am

The number of credit cards in circulation has decreased by over 100 million along with a big decline in credit card balances. since 2008; conversely, we have see a big increase in the number of BK fil...

Subprime Auto Lending Targets Bankrupt Consumers With Bad Credit 9 Sep 2012 | 05:05 am

I guess some people don't learn from past mistakes. Is this going to be a repeat of what happened with subprime mortgage lending? The subprime auto lending market is opening up and increasing the amou...

Civil Court Judge Says That 90% of Credit Card Lawsuits are Flawed 14 Aug 2012 | 08:32 am

Many of the same problems that have showed up during foreclosures like robo-signing are starting to plaque civil court trials with credit card lenders failing to show up with proper documents and inco...

The Secret History of The Credit Card Industry That All Bankrupt Consumers Should Know About 10 Aug 2012 | 05:56 am

Watch The Secret History of The Credit Card, a PBS FRONTLINE® special which takes you behind the scenes this billion dollar industry. Learn how banking deregulation led to massive profits for credit c...

My Bankruptcy Discharge Letter Finally Arrived! 27 Jul 2012 | 10:04 am

Here's a update about what's been going on with my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I have received my discharge letter, but my case is still open until all the assets get distributed to creditors who put i...

The Debt Settlement Truth: 98.6% Failure Rate; Your Credit Crushed; More Expensive Than Filing Bankruptcy 3 Jun 2012 | 03:50 am

Are you thinking about working with a debt settlement company to become debt free? Learn the real truth about the debt settlement industry and why bankruptcy is a better option.

Consumer Debt Rises by $21.4 Billion in March; Largest Increase Since 2001; $5.2 Billion in New Credit Card Debt 23 May 2012 | 05:08 am

Commercial banks have been loosening up their belts and giving consumers access to easy credit. Last month we saw a huge increase in consumer debt with $21.4 billion increase in non-revolving accounts...

Life In Bankruptcy One Month After My 341 21 May 2012 | 11:27 am

So it's been about a month since I attended my 341 Meeting of Creditors and not much has been going on. Here is an update on my bankruptcy case.

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