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Which? reveals the best personal finance software and paid-for money package for you 16 Nov 2010 | 09:57 am

"There are numerous personal finance software packages on the market, so we tested six of them to find which were the best paid-for and free ones."

Miss Download, takes a look at BankTree Personal Finance 27 May 2009 | 08:08 am

Budgets aren't fun and they aren't sexy. They are, however, completely necessary. Cheryl Porier, AKA Miss Download, takes a look at BankTree Personal Finance and loves how easy, intuitive and relative...

BankTree Reviewed at Tucows 9 Mar 2008 | 09:57 am

BankTree Received a popularity rating of over 90% (Jan - Feb 2008)

BankTree Reviewed at CNET Download 9 Mar 2008 | 09:55 am

BankTree received an average user rating of 5/5 stars (2007/2008)

BankTree Reviewed at Helium 9 Mar 2008 | 09:48 am

BankTree Personal is a personal finance management software program that was designed for the European market of the United Kingdom. Most software critics will agree that BankTree is among the few per...

BankTree Reviewed at SoftSea 9 Mar 2008 | 09:40 am

"BankTree Personal Finance Software 2.0.7 is a Personal Finance product from, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating"

BankTree Reviewed at Top Ten Reviews 9 Mar 2008 | 09:30 am

"BankTree has shown that they are committed to improving their product year by year, and if they continue this trend, we could see their software competing for a spot in our top three"

What's new in BankTree Personal Finance software 2.0 3 Mar 2007 | 12:24 pm

We are pleased to announce BankTree Personal Finance software 2.0 - Here is a quick list of what is new. Latest build is 2.12.6 (25th May 2012)

BankTree Personal Finance Software £24.50 with Free Support 3 Mar 2007 | 07:12 am

We have helped over 100,000 users manage their finances, with our personal finance software. In today's climate our savvy users will know how their finances are doing allowing them to plan, and take c...

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