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CANNIBALISM 2 Oct 2009 | 07:46 pm

Cann is short for cannibalism, or 'girlmeat'. The 'victims' are very often willing participants. The pre-eminent website for this fetish is Muki's Kitchen. 'FemCann' deals with men being cooked and ...

WOMEN IN PRISON 2 Oct 2009 | 07:36 pm

Not just the penal system, but any woman imprisoned or held against her will (justly or injustly) including scenarios such as harems and slave auctions. LINKS OF INTEREST: Bound Heat Quite simply th...

HORROR 2 Oct 2009 | 07:34 pm

A far-reaching term, which can encompass vampiric or otherwise supernatural women to everyday women stuck in classic horror-peril situations.

CFNM 2 Oct 2009 | 07:32 pm

CFNM stands for 'Clothed Female, Naked Male'. It's good fun!

FIGHTING FEMALES 2 Oct 2009 | 07:30 pm

Includes boxers, catfighters, martial artists, and wrestlers (same sex or mixed bouts). A beautiful girl who can beat you up and look damn good doing it.

MIND CONTROL 2 Oct 2009 | 07:28 pm

Controlling the minds of others...including (but not limited to) hypnosis.

EVIL WOMEN 2 Oct 2009 | 07:22 pm

The bad and the beautiful, all rolled up into one delicious package. Girls you'll never be able to take home to meet your mother.

GIRLS WITH GUNS 2 Oct 2009 | 07:19 pm

Girls. Guns. What more do you need to know, or want for that matter?

NAZISPLOITATION 2 Oct 2009 | 07:18 pm

For fans of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, and her legion of imitators...

AMAZONS 2 Oct 2009 | 07:12 pm

The term 'Amazon' generally refers to women who are naturally physically bigger, either in height or muscular development, than the average puny man. If you are looking for something relating to Amaz...

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