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Playing around with Disqus 15 Jun 2012 | 02:25 am

This is not a serious post. I just wanted to test the Disqus 2012 and see how it works. The most interesting feature is the real time updating, so there's no need to refresh the page to see new comme...

Blackout 19 Jan 2012 | 06:05 am

Stop American Censorship Vote for the Net

Bye bye, Sarah 15 Oct 2011 | 11:00 pm

This week has been very liberating for me. I'm convinced that I wrote everything I could possibly have written about Sarah Palin. However outrageous her behaviour from now on, it would just be a repla...

Open Thread - Friday 15 Oct 2011 | 07:00 am

Mrsgunka sent me some photos of this aeroplane. The airline definitely has a good sense of humour. Another funny design: Their announcements are quite amusing too: On a Kulula flight, (there is no ...

Open thread - Thursday 14 Oct 2011 | 07:00 am

Today we're taking a trip to Algeria, a country of constrasts. It has a beautiful coastline and a vast expanse of desert. The original people of Algeria were the Berbers, then came the Arabs and the F...

Just for fun 14 Oct 2011 | 12:49 am

A reader sent me this:

Open Thread - Wednesday 13 Oct 2011 | 07:00 am

This is a lot of fun. It starts slowly, but soon builds up.

Open Thread - Tuesday 12 Oct 2011 | 07:00 am

Grasshopper sent me the following joke: A while ago a supermarket near my home was revamped. It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of...

Open Thread - Monday 11 Oct 2011 | 07:00 am

Without further ado, here's a shiny new open thread, courtesy of Mrsgunka: Thank you, Mrsgunka!

Questions... 11 Oct 2011 | 02:23 am

I haven't written any main posts for a couple of days and did a lot of thinking about the blog during this break. My original idea was to start campaigning for Obama as soon as Sarah Palin made her an...

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