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More glorious and more dread than from no fall 2 Jul 2006 | 07:16 pm

Mee though just right, and the fixt Laws of Heav'n Did first create your Leader, next, free choice, With what besides, in Counsel or in Fight, Hath bin achievd of merit, yet this loss Thus farr at lea...

imaginations thus displayed 1 Jul 2006 | 07:15 pm

Powers and Dominions, Deities of Heav'n, For since no deep within her gulf can hold Immortal vigor, though opprest and fall'n, I give not Heav'n for lost.

And with persuasive accent thus began 1 Jun 2006 | 07:14 pm

I should be much for open war, O Peers, As not behind in hate, if what was urged Main reason to persuade immediate war Did not dissuade me most, and seem to cast Ominous conjecture on the whole succes...

Book I 1 May 2006 | 07:12 pm

High on a Throne of Royal State, which far Outshon the wealth of ORMUS and of IND, Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand Showrs on her Kings BARBARIC Pearl and Gold, Satan exalted sat, by merit...

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