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holiday joy, part 2 22 Dec 2010 | 07:40 am

Conceptual snowman: Yes, that's from the wedding. Those things took effing forever to make ... I am NOT throwing them away. If you see me with a pair of them swinging from my earlobes, don't you dare ...

holiday joy 22 Dec 2010 | 07:37 am

What? ... that's not enough? Okay, FINE. Off to the mall, grumble grumble, general Grinchiness, grrrrrr.

Lucy's first (best) trick 19 Nov 2010 | 07:55 pm

the Lucy channel 19 Nov 2010 | 07:26 pm

I was admonished recently by a friend (hi, T!!) for not getting doggie pictures up here yet. I know ... I know. But I've just been kinda hanging out with her, you know? Nonetheless, T's right: it's ti...

ohmigodwe'regettingadoggie!! 11 Oct 2010 | 02:45 pm

We're gonna be pet parents tomorrow! Well, technically, we already are, officially, but we get custody of our new daughter tomorrow. (No photos yet, sorry. Tomorrow in the p.m.) We went to the local s...

can we all calm down about Colbert ... please?! 28 Sep 2010 | 03:15 pm

To everyone out there in 24 Hour Media Land who has their panties in a twist about Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress ... ahem: "Elmo is the only non-human or puppet ever to testify before th...

getting it wrong on purpose 23 Sep 2010 | 09:53 am

Seen at the Las Vegas airport baggage claim: If you barely glance the ad (like I did), you could think for just a moment (like I did) that Andrew Dice Clay had joined the Blue Man Group. And I kind o...

another reason to hate Target, plus some random silliness 9 Sep 2010 | 07:26 am

Please don't hate me -- I ordered it before I read about Target's political fuckwittery. (And yes, it's taken me this long to open it. Your point is ...?) So now that that's settled: check out this no...

well, that flew by ... 21 Aug 2010 | 02:09 pm

i'm not sure about this tree ... 14 Aug 2010 | 10:20 am

Our banana tree is making babies. That part I'm sure about. What I'm not sure about is how it's making them. As you can see, our "tree" is actually three separate trees in close proximity. And once I ...

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