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The Regularity of Evil 24 Aug 2013 | 06:59 pm

Read Jennifer Granick’s account of My Dinner With NSA Director Keith Alexander. The two most striking things were, first, that General Alexander — the head of one of our biggest intelligence agencies...

I Talk Funny? 23 Aug 2013 | 11:52 pm

Apparently I do, at least according to these maps of American dialect and pronunciation. My pronunciations are most likely to be like New York City (where I was born, but moved away to DC at age six)...

Nepotism and the 1% 22 Aug 2013 | 08:50 pm

Shorter Alex Pareene (Salon): Nepotism, it’s worse than you think. (Spotted via John Quiggin, Cronyism and the global city (again).)

GCal Sends Unwanted Invites 21 Aug 2013 | 03:40 am

When I create a new entry on my Gcal and include an email address, it asks me if I want to send an invite to the person I’m meeting. I say “don’t send”. It often sends one anyway, especially if the pe...

The Herald Thinks a Taser Death a Week is the “Rarest” Case 16 Aug 2013 | 05:15 pm

I sent an email to two reporters yesterday (not a letter to the editor): I was somewhat surprised to see it asserted (without attribution) in your otherwise fine article today (“Tasered Artist Laid t...

Research Assistants Wanted 15 Aug 2013 | 09:26 pm

Apologies, but this announcement is for UM Law students only: I have three open jobs for research assistants, all starting when classes begin, or as soon thereafter as is practical. These jobs are fo...

Save the Libraries 12 Aug 2013 | 08:26 pm

I’ve been meaning to write something about the terrible proposed cuts to the local library system in Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s proposed budget. Basically, a civic jewel is to be sacrificed on ...

Progress in Action 8 Aug 2013 | 08:39 pm

I was oddly cheered by De Blasio Takes His Modern Family on the Campaign Trail. The article, buried deep in the A section of today’s paper, reports that NY Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s family is...

I Liked This Map 8 Aug 2013 | 05:39 am

Every Country England Has Ever Invaded (all but 22 countries in the world). via 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

Wolverine: A Film By Woody Allen 6 Aug 2013 | 03:28 am

This is funny. What if Wolverine were a film by (the classic) Woody Allen:

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