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What's your opinion on the zombie appocolypse? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

With all the news about cannibalism and rashes going around, people seem to be claimkng the zombie appocolypse. Do you think this is real or not real?

political cartoons!! i need help!? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

I need some political cartoons based on some INTERNATIONAL news please help me out.the meanings already with it! symbols written out with what they represent too please.

Is Youtube working for you? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

It won't open up for me Is it workin' for you guys?

Can a ghost take someones life or cause serious harm? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

Cus in the movie Thirteen Ghosts one of the ghosts was killling people like crazy and I was thinking yeah if a ghost really killed someone then there would be reports on the news about it yet another ...

Good audio and/or video trimmer freeware? (similar to quicktime? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

I'm looking for a good, small, easy trimmer for audio files and/or video files. I edited a movie on a mac once, and used quicktime to trim down large files before importing them-it was a simple p...

What do you think the percentage of people on this site? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

Only read the question and don't bother reading the details I asked some questions earlier and out of 30 answers I don't think even 1/3 read the details.In my question I gave a web site alth...

How Do You Make A Video With Different Sences and backgrounds on an Iphone4 or a dell touch computer? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

I want to make some youtube videos and i dont know how to make a video with different effects and diff scenes and etc.please answer !

help, I'm addicted..? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

I'm addicted to youtube, i know it sounds like I'm just watching to many vid or something but its not, i have a friend who is addicted to 'other things' and i have the same symptom...

Can you translate a Vocaloid song to Romaji lyrics? PLEASE? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm I believe the song is called Love Game, and it is sung by Vocaloid, Kaito. I cannot find the Romaji lyrics ANYWHERE! can you find them or translate them? also, can you translate them int...

Help me with Sony Vegas!? 30 Nov 1999 | 01:00 pm

Okay! Guys I play CoD MW3 on PC. I record it with Fraps.when I render my Gameplay on Sony Vegas Pro 11 but then when I have rendered it I see it's not very clear at ALL! But when I upload to YouT...

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