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Hello world! 30 Jun 2012 | 02:46 am

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Samples of Artwork for Promoters 19 May 2012 | 03:24 pm

Putting the Visual "P" in Public Relations..for Dickerson Media Group 17 Jul 2011 | 07:28 pm

Communicating your clients vision into a visually effective media campaign requires having insight into just who your client is and what their trying to say.....weigh in with ...

KVM Client Sample: Poster Design 28 Jun 2011 | 06:37 am

Build your brand with t-shirt marketing campaigns 16 Jun 2011 | 07:01 pm

With the marketing landscape becoming more cluttered than ever, many businesses are looking for ways to stand out with their campaigns. One way to get consumers’ attention and to increase brand visib...

Choosing the Right Font: A Practical Guide to Typography on the Web & in Print 16 Jun 2011 | 06:44 pm

Typography is an huge field. People devote years of their lives to this ancient craft, and yet there's always something new to learn. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the major points that you shoul...

How to choose the right logo... 16 Jun 2011 | 06:35 pm

Everything you need to know and think about when considering developing a new logo and brand for your organization. A logo is a graphical element (ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign) that, together...

Psychology of color: projecting a professional image with color 16 Jun 2011 | 06:27 pm

Color selection is a very important element in your web image because colors have an effect on your visitors before they begin to read the content of your web site. Thus, it is very important for you ...

The Psychology of Color Selection in Web Design & Graphic Design...What Message Are You Sending? 16 Jun 2011 | 06:24 pm

The way different colors influence our mood, state of soul and body is really exciting. Most of us do not realize how it works and only a few probably pay attention. Though the influence of the colors...

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