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Renault Espace 3 2.0 16v Acceleration 24 May 2013 | 06:27 pm

Two runs testing how fast an F4R engine accelerates. The car runs pretty fast for a family car...does it? PS: its a family car but its kind of sporty having a sport Renault Engine (F4R), full Brembo ...

Tweaked SR20DET Engine with nolag 25 PSI Turbo 21 Apr 2013 | 09:24 pm

Description from YouTube: At the beggining I show how the turbo starts to push air before I hit the revlimiter, after that I do some runs showing how the turbo kicks in at low revs, under 1500 RPM and...

LFS 0.6E Pro Tweak v1.5 (prefinal) 18 Mar 2013 | 12:55 am

This program gives you the ability to edit all LFS 0.6E cars. Features: -Process selector. -Plugins(beta) -Save/Load All values in a file or Save/Load just a part of the values. -Load older patches t...

What was you craziest drift? 14 Jan 2013 | 04:38 pm

Merry X-Max Everybody! HoHoHo, Santa is here with the Pro Tweaker for LFS 0.6E 25 Dec 2012 | 03:25 am

As the title says, we decided to give you a prerelease version of the Pro Tweaker for the LFS version 0.6E with some new featured like process selector and Plugin Selector(Slickmod for now, more to co...

Pro Tweaker Update for Test Patches 0.6B5 / 0.6B6 / 0.6B7 / 0.6B8 / 0.6B9 / 0.6B10 / 0.6B11 21 Nov 2012 | 02:45 am

As some of you were expecting an update of the Pro Tweaker for the new test patches (0.6B5 / 0.6B6 / 0.6B7 / 0.6B8 / 0.6B9 / 0.6B10 / 0.6B11) I am sorry to announce that we have no time to develop twe...

XFG / XRG / FBM Rims Manager 0.6B 6 Sep 2012 | 10:23 pm

This is TheTime's ultra complete rims manager for LFS version 0.6B. How to use it: 1. Download the zip file from TheTime's website (click the below download button to get there). 2. Unzip the content...

New Demo Tweked Server! (for LFS 0.6B) 6 Sep 2012 | 10:23 pm

As now its possible to play LFS version 0.6B online using different tweak setups, I've managed to get some free time and create a server where everybody can enter using whatever tweak they want. Serv...

Lucas: RB - Incubator V12 15 Feb 2012 | 06:17 am

This mod works online with Patch 0.6B Skin template: Download

Lucas: XRT - new bodykit (BETA1) 6 Feb 2012 | 03:55 am

This mod works online with Patch 0.6B

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