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lds:20 5 Oct 2010 | 05:37 am

this logo is right on target and we had a little fun here, lets say it could be for a company who is on target and has a lot of busy bees working for them LOL

lds:19 5 Oct 2010 | 05:33 am

This logo could be used for a financial institution or insurance and even financial uses, it denotes growth from a central point and and also how the group works together to benefit the whole team

lds:18 5 Oct 2010 | 05:20 am

this logo denotes strength and stability, the colours can be changed to suite your needs

lds:17 5 Oct 2010 | 05:16 am

this beautiful logo can be yours, it shows growth and organic movement

lds:1 10 Sep 2010 | 06:34 pm

this logo is bright and eye catching could be used for almost anything just use your imagination.

lds:2 10 Sep 2010 | 06:30 pm

this logo would be perfect for a clothing boutique or shopping emporium or pop up clothing store, if you would like to purchase this logo please contact: info@ondemand.co.za

lds:3 10 Sep 2010 | 06:27 pm

logo design for logistics company this is a really funky logo that works for a corporate involved in transport, import and export.

lds:4 10 Sep 2010 | 06:24 pm

this logo can be interpreted as you wish as it can be customized to fit your brand

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