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Our Clients 7 Jul 2007 | 09:54 pm

Our professional team of music promotion associates have worked on campaigns, releases and Productions for: Andy Leek, Volume, The Night Heirs, Lady Ga Ga, Madonna, Sister Act Musical, Kanye West, Th...

Why Matchbox ? 7 Jul 2007 | 09:54 pm

With over 11 years experience in the music Industry and a professional team of music associates all over the Globe. We can offer full management of all your release needs including: WHAT PEOPLE SAY ...

About Matchbox 7 Jul 2007 | 09:54 pm

Matchbox Recordings is a music promotion and Radio Plugging company offering a wide range of artist and record label services. The company also incorporates a Record label ( Matchbox Recordings ), PR...

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