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Interview with Global toronto 20 Oct 2012 | 03:11 am

Matthew on Jimmy Kimmel Live 20 Oct 2012 | 03:10 am

Interview with Movieline 19 Oct 2012 | 08:54 am

In addition to training for months to develop the sinewy, lethal physique of his ruthless character (who sports the actor’s own semi-recent array of body tattoos, which make quite an impression in the...

Matthew Interview with IAmRouge 18 Oct 2012 | 03:22 am

Men’s Fitness Outtake 18 Oct 2012 | 03:22 am

Matthew On Ellen [Video & Caps] 17 Oct 2012 | 06:47 pm

New Site & Gallery Layout 17 Oct 2012 | 04:29 pm

Thanks to Tiff from Vamp Design we have these great new layout’s

Matthew Opens up about his DUI and his past year 17 Oct 2012 | 12:03 pm

It’s safe to say Matthew Fox didn’t have the best of luck in the past year…and he’s making no qualms about it. Prior to getting busted for DUI in May, the Alex Cross star was detained after allegedly...

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