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Osteopath in Singapore 19 Aug 2013 | 08:44 pm

What is Osteopath? Osteopathy is an alternative therapy founded by Dr Andrew Taylor Still, an American physician, in [...]

Workplace Talk for Visa 16 Aug 2013 | 12:09 pm

We just completed workplace talks for Visa over the course of two days. Participants learnt about healthy back [...]

Spinal Manipulation – Safe or Not? 23 Jun 2013 | 09:41 am

Spinal Manipulation – Safe or Not? Joint Manipulation or Spinal manipulation is only done by experienced physiotherapist, chiropractor, [...]

Shockwave Therapy Effectiveness 27 Jan 2013 | 11:48 am

J Foot Ankle Surg. 2005 Mar-Apr;44(2):137-43. Evaluation of ultrasound-guided extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in the treatment of [...]

Is Physiotherapy Painful? 20 Jan 2013 | 03:08 pm

”No pain, no gain!” If you want to recover from your painful condition, you may need to experience [...]

Physiotherapists Treat ALL Spine Problems! 21 Dec 2012 | 07:41 pm

Physiotherapists Treat ALL Spine Problems! “The problem feels muscular so I have come to the physiotherapist. If it [...]

Slipped Disc- Back Operation or Physiotherapy? 30 Jul 2012 | 07:57 pm

  Alternative Treatment  or Back Surgery for Slipped disc? Have you seek conservative treatment before considering to go [...]

Acupuncture and Physiotherapy in Singapore 24 Jul 2012 | 11:13 pm

Acupuncture and Physiotherapy are two common treatment seen in Singapore for pain, injury and disease. Let’s understand more: Acupuncture in [...]

Shockwave Therapy: Best Treatment for Heel Pain/ Plantar Fasciitis 19 Jul 2012 | 11:20 pm

There are many treatments for heel pain and plantar fasciitis in Singapore, including physiotherapy, steriod injections, customised arch support, [...]

Should I see doctor or physiotherapist for back pain relief? 19 Jul 2012 | 11:02 pm

Finding effective pain relief treatment for back pain can be difficult, especially you are having pain or aches for a [...]

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