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Subject-Verb Agreement question [closed] 21 Aug 2012 | 06:45 pm

You, the business, lead probably the most. You, the business, adds probably the most. which could be correct? Thanks!

A word/phrase to describe something that's under development [closed] 21 Aug 2012 | 06:45 pm

Let us say I’ve an application which is under development, not to become launched. What is the best adjective (or phrase) to explain an application like this? The very first two words that found my th...

What degree of status does the label “office lady” imply? 21 Aug 2012 | 06:45 pm

I am wondering whether “office lady” is generally utilized in British-speaking nations? Will it have a derogatory sense or stereotype women’s jobs like “pink-collar worker” does?

InputLayout handling 21 Aug 2012 | 06:30 pm

Where are you currently designed to store InputLayout? Suppose i’ve some fundamental structure like. class Mesh

How do I make an on-screen HUD in libgdx? 21 Aug 2012 | 06:30 pm

I am a new comer to libgdx, and i’m finding I get stumped through the easiest of products. It appears to wish me to complete things a particular way, however the documentation will not let me know wha...

How to keep balance / Unlock items / achievement rules 21 Aug 2012 | 06:30 pm

I am focusing on an electric train engine for a game title, too learn javascript and merely because its fun. I am a flashdeveloper, I understand how to construct websites. Now making games is really a...

Processing RXTX issue 21 Aug 2012 | 06:15 pm

I’m a new comer to Processing and trying to create code to talk with my Arduino – on the linux platform. After I run the next code: println(Serial.list()) I am designed to get a listing of accessible ...

car key fob signal : frequency,modulation,bandwidth,frequency swing,bitrate 21 Aug 2012 | 06:15 pm

These factors (paramteres) designed in the title are unknown of the vehicle key fob that transmits an indication to spread out the vehicle doorways. How can i have them? Does anybody determine if ther...

What is the main difference between registers, bit fields, and flags? 21 Aug 2012 | 06:15 pm

In class I had been familiar with programming various registers whenever using microcontrollers to control their behavior. Inside my job registers are actually known to purely as bit fields. The term ...

Topology or out of memory errors with large dataset intersects and spatial joins in ArcGIS 21 Aug 2012 | 06:00 pm

I get a topology error notification when intersecting a place dataset (with ~5 million points), having a polygon dataset produced by loading individuals points with a half mile. The aim is to produce ...

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