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Haiku Beauty in Simplicity 20 Feb 2012 | 10:42 pm

How simple can art be while remaining beautiful and interesting? Haiku strip the superfluous to offer minimalist glimpses into life’s complexity.

The Charms of a Pessimistic Workaholic 12 Feb 2012 | 07:52 pm

Allen’s Midnight in Paris is sweet and nice but less substantial because the audience is insulated from the pain.

Making Sense of 12th Century Philosophy 10 May 2011 | 07:10 pm

Just as bad translations of software impact the usability, inadequate renditions of Dogen doom his thoughts to be lost in translation.

Gray Matter 27 Dec 2010 | 01:26 pm

Jane Jensen’s new game offers real locations, new protagonists and weaves facts with supernatural occurrences. Was the 11-year long wait worth it?

PCWorld, ‘Really?’ How Bashing Might Not Win Readers 28 Nov 2010 | 03:13 pm

Top results for Windows Phone 7 on Google News often pointed to PCWorld articles. It seems PCWorld is to Apple what Fox is to GOP. This can backfire.

Of Keyboards and Men Dvorak vs. Colemak 7 Jun 2010 | 03:53 pm

Comparisons of Dvorak and Colemak keyboards often point in favor of Colemak based on the ‘distance’ and ‘home row’ use. Why can Dvorak be superior?

Of Keyboards and Men The Inventors 16 May 2010 | 09:26 am

Invention of the typewriter, Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, staggered rows, and the advantages of breaking free from the legacy of the mechanical days.

Of Keyboards and Men Childhood 9 May 2010 | 01:38 pm

My Grandma worked in a sugar factory that stood at the end of my village. Part of the year was always filled with the constant noise of tractors...

“You Better Run” 3 May 2010 | 01:19 pm

Running is efficient in reducing stress, producing 'good' hormones and making you physically fit. Get advice on choosing the shoes and keeping it up.

The Lure of Virtual Life 11 Apr 2010 | 08:12 am

The virtual world offers limitless amount of information and is easier to deal with. How can an average face to face conversation hope to compete?

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