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'Jaunty Jackalope' Ubuntu springs into beta 28 Mar 2009 | 05:48 am

The next version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, code-named Jaunty Jackalope, went into beta phase late Thursday.

Online Oddball: SWiK, OldVersion.com, Married By MySpace 27 Mar 2009 | 04:15 am

Sometimes it pays to be original when it comes to creating new content. Today on Free Line, we take a look at three projects that take "thinking differently" to an entirely new level. The treasure tro...

Open Source Hardware Hackers Start P2P Bank 19 Mar 2009 | 10:53 pm

The fledgling bank is funding only open source hardware projects using capital raised from other hardware geeks. It's like a community of Facebook friends borrowing and lending among themselves — a pe...

jaikuengine - Google Code 16 Mar 2009 | 02:31 am

Google Releases Jaiku Source Code, a social microblogging platform that runs on AppEngine. JaikuEngine powers Jaiku.com.

Sita Sings the Blues 16 Mar 2009 | 02:30 am

I hereby give Sita Sings the Blues to you. Like all culture, it belongs to you already, but I am making it explicit with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Please distribute, copy, sh...

Is Spell Check Important for Your Web Site? 13 Mar 2009 | 05:24 am

Checking the spelling of the text on your web site is very important, to ensure good content accessibility and readability for your readers, and better crawlability and indexing for search engines.

Google and the Linux desktop 12 Mar 2009 | 01:18 pm

Google will start rolling out its Linux desktop on netbooks. The company will begin there because netbooks are the only division of PC sales that's actually still growing.

pHash.org: The open source perceptual hash library 10 Mar 2009 | 12:50 am

perceptual hash n. a fingerprint of an audio, video or image file that is mathematically based on the audio or visual content contained within. Unlike cryptographic hash functions, perceptual hashes a...

Producing Open Source Software 5 Mar 2009 | 01:53 am

Producing Open Source Software is a book about the human side of open source development. It describes how successful projects operate, the expectations of users and developers, and the culture of fre...

Connexions: An Open Source Initiative to Kill Textbooks 2 Mar 2009 | 11:47 am

Connexions is an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web. Our Content Commons contains educational materials for everyone - from...

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