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La Raclette 15 Sep 2008 | 12:35 am

Immer noch wie ein Ufo liegt das Raclette im Herzen Kreuzbergs. Rechts neben dem schnieken französischen Mini-Restaurant befindet sich eine etwas dubios wirkende Backstube für Fladenbrote, auf der lin...

Japan Dragon Signatur 30 May 2012 | 03:42 am

Hey Ich habe für mich persönlich ein neuen Stile probiert. Der in der richtig Japan/china geht und wollte mal eure Meinung mal hören bzw. lesen. Hier könnt ihr auch weitere Werke, von mir anschauen....

The world's largest dam is located in China 22 Jul 2010 | 06:17 pm

Flooding in central China feels the strength of the world's largest dam - Three Gorges. It is reported that it now to the limit - resets 70,000 cubic meters of water per second. This is a record. Howe...

Your Chow Chow Dogs Guide 21 May 2012 | 04:34 am

The chow chow is a very old dog breed with an unknown exact origin. History indicate that the animal might have emerged in China around two hundred and six BC. Chow chow dogs looks like the Chinese Sh...

Y&R China appoints Bo Deng as Group Creative Director 23 May 2012 | 04:00 pm

Charles Sampson, Y&R Greater China CEO and Nils Andersson, Y&R Greater China chief creative officer, today announced the appointment of acclaimed art-director Bo Deng as Group Creative Director, Y&R S

Gap ‘gets together’ in Hong Kong MTR with campaign from Y&R China 11 May 2012 | 04:00 pm

Subway stations in Hong Kong have been dominated by the fabulous new images from the latest ‘Let’s Gap Together’ campaign, shot by Annie Leibovitz and masterminded by Y&R Shanghai.

Malaysia Travel Guide 12 Feb 2011 | 06:51 am

Malaysia: A Multi-Cultural Smorgasbord Split in Two By The South China Sea Malaysia Basks In Its Unspoiled Beauty The first thing most people recognize when they start their Malaysia Travel Guide is...

Bugs Bunny Ufo Getaway 12 Dec 2011 | 03:15 am

Bugs Bunny tente de s'enfuir de la ZONE ACME 51 à bord d'une soucoupe volante. Guide Bugs Bunny au commande de sa soucoupe et évite les obstacles. HAUT = accélérer.

Look, Up There – What Are UFOs? 10 Aug 2009 | 08:52 am

February 2005 by Steven Novella, MD I once saw a UFO. That is, I saw an object in the sky I couldn’t identify. Chances are you have too, probably more than once. What I saw were lights in a large “V...

Being Too Open-Minded 9 Aug 2009 | 10:46 am

I listened patiently as the UFO enthusiast explained how humans were transplanted to the earth from another world by our alien forebears. “Then how do you explain the fact that humans share 98% of ou...

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