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Dog Bites and Legal Rights 12 Aug 2011 | 09:10 pm


News 24 Mar 2011 | 12:46 am

The highest court in Maryland has established "a strict liability standard in respect to the owning, harboring or control of pit bulls and cross-bred pit bulls in lieu of the traditional common law li...

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Hire A Dog Bite Attorney If You Were Attacked By A Neighbor’s Pet 27 Aug 2013 | 03:27 am

Most pet owners want to believe that their animals are loving, gentle creatures. In most cases, this is true. These companions can be protective, but they are not usually overly aggressive. That is wh...

Dog Bites Man 9 Apr 2012 | 05:05 pm

This was a typical headline today: Why is that news? They don’t start every day with the headline: Earth Still Spinning on its Axis Some things just aren’t news.

Facial Plastic Surgery – What to Do If You Are Bitten by a Dog 9 May 2012 | 01:00 am

Every year thousands of Americans unexpectedly become victims of an animal attack or dog bite through no fault of their own. Although animal attacks mostly involve dog bites, many other types of domes...

Aggression Dogs Or People You Need Help 9 Apr 2012 | 03:27 am

When a dog bites a human, it's a very serious matter. Your wisest course is to enlist the aid of a behavior specialist at the first sign the dog MIGHT bite a person. Like toward other dogs, aggr...

personal injury lawyers in TX 18 May 2012 | 07:57 am

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Dog Bites and Personal Injury Law 12 May 2009 | 05:32 am

Personal injury by definition means that there has been an injury to the mind, emotions or body; thus dog bite cases fit into the personal injury law category. Proving negligence is critical so findin...

How to Stop Dog Biting 24 Dec 2010 | 03:57 am

Biting is one of dogs’ bad habits, and owners need to learn how to stop dog biting before it causes serious injury. The problem is, biting is part of being a dog. So this kind of training needs to sta...

texas dog bite litigation 25 May 2012 | 03:59 pm

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Another Re-Written Sound of Music Scene 30 Nov 2009 | 01:30 pm

MARIA (sings) . . . When the dog bites When the bee stings When I'm feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad MARTA: Does it really work? MARIA: Of course it doe...

Dog Biting Santas Butt In The Snow 10 Dec 2011 | 01:21 am

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