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lovelylovelyfood: Breaded Jalapeno Poppers Stuffed with Eggs,... 7 May 2011 | 05:27 am

lovelylovelyfood: Breaded Jalapeno Poppers Stuffed with Eggs, Monterey, and Cheddar Look way better than the Jack in the Box kind.  But do they taste better?

Valentine’s Day Stuff and Things. 10 Feb 2012 | 07:33 am

…cuz if you can’t trust a couple of creeps like these guys then who can you trust? Guys, we had the Super Bowl.  It was pretty cool.  Now its time to repay the lady for all those jalapeno poppers (wh...

Lightened Up Jalapeno Popper Dip 13 Jan 2012 | 06:03 am

I’ve seen this recipe float around the interwebs for quite some time. I’ve been meaning to give it a try and finally did — just in time to share with you before you start your superbowl menu planning....

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese 13 Jun 2012 | 03:07 am

I have to thank the lovely Kristina for this genius idea of her's! Johnny and I love jalapeno poppers, stuffed jalapenos, or whatever you choose to call them. They go by many names, but the premise i...

Ridiculously Easy Jalapeno Poppers Recipe 10 Jun 2012 | 07:49 pm Looks really easy and good.

Jalapeno Poppers Cause Apartment Fire 26 Jul 2012 | 05:03 am

A designed collection of jalapeño poppers caused an housing blast July 19th, 2012 in Muncie, Indiana. The town Fire Department was titled to the Hurley C. zoologist Apartments Byzantine at 1902 W. Eig...

Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers Are Bacon Wrapped Appetizers 2 Feb 2013 | 08:19 pm

With cheese and bacon, these jalapeno poppers please almost everyone. Stuffed with a cream cheese mixture then wrapped with bacon, when grilled until crispy, these are GREAT!

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese 31 Mar 2013 | 02:37 am

Quite often what I make is driven by what I feel like making. At times however I find myself coming up with ideas just to use up whats left in my fridge from my previous ideas. This time around it was...

Jalapeno Poppers 25 Aug 2013 | 07:34 pm

Jalapeno nah! not available in Namma Bengaluru, so prepared the poppers with Shimla Mirch. Cuisine: USA Time Required: 45 Minutes Ingredients: Few Jalapenos or Shimla Mirch 1 Cup Processed Cheese, Gra...

(Lighter!) Jalapeno Poppers 26 Aug 2013 | 01:00 pm

Everyone will love this Lighter Jalapeno Poppers recipe! It’s super easy to make, lighter on calories, but these stuffed jalapenos are packed with great flavor and crunch! It’s that time of year agai...

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