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08/26/13 Eebs and the IA Star Banger (16 Comments) 26 Aug 2013 | 09:00 am

That’s all the secondaries’s epilogues. Did I forget anyone crucial? (after this there are 6 more strips, btw, 4 wrapping things up, 1 epilogue, and 1 prologue of me) So, the Kickstarter is over. Tha...

08/21/13 What Happened After (40 Comments) 21 Aug 2013 | 09:00 am

Spacetrawaler Book #3 Kickstarter was a success!!! Thank you all SO much! And plus you’ll all get three more months of strips AFTER the book #3 content. (Which puts it ending right around the end o...

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He's even picked up and drilled right off his feet previous to taking Tyler's load in the face gay anal techniques at My Gay Boss 9 Apr 2012 | 01:09 am

He's even picked up and drilled right off his feet previous to taking Tyler's load in the face gay anal techni More at

IU Alumni Association to host family movie night Dec. 2 17 Nov 2011 | 06:34 am

Share/Bookmark Choose between ‘Hugo’ and ‘Happy Feet 2’ in 3-D at Portage IMAX Theater Gary, IN 11-16 -2011 – The Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA), Northwest Campus Board, invites alumni...

Back! 14 Feb 2012 | 04:50 pm

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for the amount of time it took to get the site fixed. As of now, it seems that Chvy has removed the exploits and got the site back on its feet, so a round ...

Charlie Bucket 6 Jan 2011 | 05:53 am

You love fashion designing? Than you surly love Charlie Bucket. Charlie Bucket is creator of fluid dress. The dress is made from 600 feet of knitted tubing and powered by a pump. For this artwork Buck...

Don't Go Barefoot 8 Apr 2011 | 04:37 am

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. EPHESIANS 6:15 AND YOUR FEET SHOD WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE In Ephesians 6:11 we are told to put on the...

Six Feet Under - Undead Albümü Kritiği 9 May 2012 | 05:01 am

alayının eline verecek cinsten bişi olmuş bu çok fenaa çoook | Postalayan: gokhanarayici

Six Feet Under - Undead Albümü Kritiği 8 May 2012 | 05:34 am

Aynen hacı, günlerdir döndür döndür dinliyorum, şimdi dinledikçe bazı şeyler hatırlıyorum. Son dönem dm aleminde kullanı | Postalayan: bombala oski

Six Feet Under - Undead Albümü Kritiği 7 May 2012 | 04:48 pm

oski aynı şekilde başkan, adam yıllar içinde slow tempo mid tempo aynı rifflerden pek de hayır gelmediğini görmüş ama şu | Postalayan: Qui-Gon

Six Feet Under - Undead Albümü Kritiği 4 May 2012 | 04:02 am

Harfiyen katıldığım bir inceleme Qui. Üşenmesem dinlediğim gibi yazacaktım bir şeyler ama bunu gözden kaçırmayacağını bi | Postalayan: bombala oski

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