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Norway couple build hobbit house in dome 27 Aug 2013 | 04:40 pm

A Norwegian couple have built a straw and clay cottage inside a glass dome where they hope to grow oranges and tomatoes - despite living inside the Arctic Circle.

Norway police back Congo autopsy result 27 Aug 2013 | 03:46 pm

Norwegian police have backed the conclusions of the autopsy of dead Norwegian prisoner Tjostolv Moland, carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend.

Mystery revealed behind Norway Hercules crash 27 Aug 2013 | 03:27 pm

Poor air traffic control and crew miscalculations have been labelled as two of the key reasons why a Norwegian military plane crashed into Sweden's highest mountain last March, killing all five passen...

Progress party star probed for India scam 27 Aug 2013 | 03:16 pm

The Progress Party's rising star, Himanshu Gulati, has been investigated by his party for signing up twenty three new party members without mentioning that they all lived in India.

Norway mulls fur farm ban 27 Aug 2013 | 02:52 pm

Norway has tasked a new ‘ethical committee’ with deciding whether to shut down the country's fur industry, after animal rights activists documented poor treatment of animals on farms.

Norway Conservatives want private prisons 27 Aug 2013 | 12:22 pm

Norway's Conservative Party is considering letting private companies run the country's prisons, following a report from Denmark arguing private prisons can improve quality and cut costs.

Vikernes mulls Norway nationalist party 26 Aug 2013 | 10:42 pm

Kristian 'Varg' Vikernes, the Norwegian neo-Nazi arrested in France in July, is considering returning to Norway to start "a proper nationalist party".

Citigroup warns Norway against tapping oil fund 26 Aug 2013 | 06:19 pm

Global banking giant Citigroup has warned that Progress Party proposals to spend money from Norway's oil fund on infrastructure could seriously damage the country's international competitiveness.

Norway in one last push for 'two state' deal 26 Aug 2013 | 05:09 pm

Norwegian foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide was in Jerusalem on Monday to begin what he said may be the last effort his country will make to institute the 'two-state solution' agreed in Oslo 20 years ...

Seven out of ten Norwegians say no to EU 26 Aug 2013 | 04:16 pm

Seven out of ten Norwegians would say no in a referendum on joining the EU, according to a new poll by Sentio market research, which finds the opposition is consistent across all age-groups, regions a...

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