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New York's Teardrop: John Craven tracks down a forgotten monument to the 9/11 victims 19 Nov 2012 | 11:00 pm

No one seems to have heard of the 100ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who died on the city's blackest day. After being met with blank expressions, John Craven eventually manages to tracks it down on...

Holidays in the Caribbean: Lisa Snowdon discovers a new level of fitness and luxury at Parrot Cay 19 Nov 2012 | 11:00 pm

Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos sounds as if it were once a real-life Treasure Island but is in fact the ultimate in fancy luxury resorts. Lisa Snowdon chose the resort for a very special mission: ...

Premier Inn installs 'noise meters' to warn rowdy guests 19 Nov 2012 | 09:15 pm

The noise meters, which will be placed in the hotels' corridors, will flash a warning to guests if they talk too loudly. Other initiatives to reduce noise levels include double glazing, springs on doo...

Businesses gain £500m of 'free work' as 1.2m workers fail to take their holiday 19 Nov 2012 | 05:50 pm

Workers will give up 6.2million days, with the average of unused holiday standing at five days. Many people blamed a heavy workload or said they felt too guilty about taking time off.

Four in 10 British pilots admit to falling asleep in cockpit 19 Nov 2012 | 05:47 pm

Between 43 per cent and 54 per cent of pilots surveyed in the UK, Norway and Sweden said they had fallen asleep 'involuntarily' while flying. A third of these said they had even woken to find their co...

The Hobbit New Zealand film locations: The Hobbit hunter of Middle Earth 18 Nov 2012 | 06:13 pm

As J R R Tolkien's The Hobbit prepares to hit UK cinemas, Wendy Gomersall tracks down the film locations used in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. (Just don't tell Bilbo about the oak leaves from Hobbito...

Want to see the whole world in one place? Head to Orlando, Florida's capital of fun 18 Nov 2012 | 06:03 pm

Where can you see Antarctica, live among Lego, swim with dolphins and try dozens of thrilling rides in just one holiday? Orlando, of course!

Barbados? Trust me, it's a knock-out says Britain's Gold-winning Anthony Joshua 18 Nov 2012 | 05:10 pm

British super-heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua has had an amazing year, grasping gold at London's 2012 Olympic Games. So tough is his schedule, Joshua admits getting away hasn't been easy...until Barb...

Egypt holidays: It's always Soma on the stunning Red Sea coast...just ask Christine Hamilton 18 Nov 2012 | 04:47 pm

Our vitamin D levels are about to swoop to their seasonal low...where to go to inject a little sunshine into your soul? Christine Hamilton knows just the place, Soma on Egypt's Red Sea coast

Holidays in the Canadian Rockies: A family adventure in Canada's natural adventure playground 18 Nov 2012 | 02:59 pm

David Rose takes a thrilling raft ride on an action-packed adventure in Canada (and happily manages to stop before the 300ft drop

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