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It’s useless! 26 Jun 2013 | 08:32 pm

Nothing is impossible to a willing mind

The difference between an unrighteous and overly righteous person 26 Jun 2013 | 02:07 am

Apparently, there is a big difference

Why is money important in a sacrifice? 26 Jun 2013 | 01:52 am

Have you ever seen a mother give a box filled with millions of dollars to someone

Photo of the soul 26 Jun 2013 | 12:33 am

Very few people know this

Under pressure 20 Jun 2013 | 09:41 pm

If you go to Israel, you will see some interesting

Learning from the “hedgehog” 20 Jun 2013 | 09:14 pm

They needed to make a decision: either disappear from the face of the Earth or accept their

True or false? 18 Jun 2013 | 10:52 pm

The world is full of sayings and proverbs

Where one bull passes, an entire herd will pass 18 Jun 2013 | 10:34 pm

The difference between a narrow door and a wide door

Who is behind it? 13 Jun 2013 | 11:09 pm

Who is influencing what you think, see, hear, say and feel

Those who honor Me… 13 Jun 2013 | 10:52 pm

Everything in life follows the law of cause and effect

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